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3G philosophy ;-) [мар. 23, 2005|09:53 am]
Комьюнити "Билайн"-жжистов


3G Philosphy
by Hatrat/Tomi T Ahonen via uncle_becher

Pessimists - 3G will never succeed
Optimists - 3G is already here
Realists - 3G will be even more delayed
Conservatives - 2G is better
Agnostics - I wonder if 3G will come
Atheists - there is no 3G
Anarchists - voice over IP
traditionalists - 1G was better
parents - no you will not get a 3G phone for christmas
pacifists - it is not necessary to argue about standards, generations and technologies, use any wireless service you want
communists - everyone should be given 3G for free
socialists - every phone can place calls equally
capitalists - where did my 3G investement disappear
ahonenists - have you read my latest book, 3G Marketing?
bureaucrats - do you have a licence for 3G
telecoms executives - 3G will be ready
telecoms marketing people - 3G is all ready
telecoms engineers - 3G will never work
telecoms financial people - we can't afford to make 3G work
telecoms sales staff - but we don't have any 3G handsets
forecasters - 4G is coming
modellers - 3G will make money
magicians - I can make 3G disappear
regulators - I have made 3G disappear
Bill Gates - 3G will be replaced by Windows 2005 released in 2008
John Kerry - 2G. No, 3G. No I meant 2G. No what I meant to say was 3G
George Bush - Bee Gees was a great band
equipment makers - forget 3G, now you need to buy 3.5G
handset makers - don't worry about 3G, can I show you my latest 2.5G phone
standardization engineers - IMT2000, UMTS, WCDMA, CDMA2000 1x EVDO, TD-SCDMA, what exactly did you mean when you said 3G?
operators - but how do I sell 3G to my customers?
customers - what is this 3G?
astronomists - 3G is three times the force of gravity
mathematicians - 3G equals GGG
physicists - 3g is three grams
former 3G consultants - would you like french fries with the order?

[User Picture]From: temp1
2005-03-23 07:10 am
финал красивый :)
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From: kitsok
2005-03-23 08:25 pm
Да ну его в пень, 3Г этот, сколько уж лет разговоров о нем....

Вот АТМ тоже в свое время жжжжегггг, и где он?
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